Spending Review “Walked A Tightrope”

Although the Spending Review announced yesterday (June 26) by Chancellor George Osborne provoked anger from public sector workers and other critics, business leaders and groups generally welcomed the plans but said they would have liked to have seen further cuts to public spending and a greater emphasis on infrastructure investment. Continue reading

Getting Paid On Time

The Telegraph reported yesterday (June 20) on how the owner of a small firm has recouped thousands of pounds from late-paying customers and that an appeal court victory he won earlier this year could pave the way for more small firms to fight late payers. Continue reading

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Tax Transparency On The G8 Agenda

As the G8 summit starts today (June 17) in Northern Ireland, the talks will be firmly based on ways of curbing tax avoidance globally, and in an interview with Sky News yesterday, Prime Minister David Cameron said that action will be taken to make a “real difference’ to the amount of tax paid by corporations. Continue reading

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